Sunday, March 18, 2012

Did you catch a Leprechaun?

We tried to catch a Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. So the night before St. Patrick's Day the kids (and some of their friends) colored pictures of rainbows, to help lure in the Leprechaun's. We decorated the wall with the rainbows. Next, we wrapped a box, and a can with green wrapping paper. Then we covered the top with green tissue, so when the Leprechaun stepped on it, he/she would fall into the box. We made a ladder out of sticks from the yard to help the Leprechaun up to the box. We also added gold "coins", chocolate, and Barbie shoes (Leprechaun's are cobblers by trade you know!). When we woke up guess what we found? The Leprechaun's came to our house! Ella was VERY disappointed that we didn't catch one. There was a chocolate kiss / gold coin trail from the door to the trap. In the box was a box of rainbow licorice with gold coins, and a box of Lucky Charms. The kids dug right in and had chocolate before breakfast. We had green pancakes for breakfast with green milk. For dinner we had corned beef and cabbage, green marshmallow salad, and homemade green rolls. Yum yum yum. We had a great day!

Here's the set up

We even left Barbie shoes for the Leprechaun's to fix!

There was a trail of chocolate kisses and gold coins

Here is a trail from the door to the trap

They left us licorice rainbows, Lucky Charms, and chocolate

The kids were excited and ripped into the chocolate right away!


AmberLou said...

What a cute St. Patrick's Day and Barbie Birthday! Looks like you've been having fun around your house! :) I love your new family picture to... You look amazing, Kel! I hope you are doing well!