Sunday, June 7, 2009

Face + Floor = Broken Nose

It has been a really busy weekend and my in-laws were nice enough to watch Ella Thursday and Friday night so we could pack up some of the condo. Yesterday, while I was at the new house unpacking things I got a phone call from John's sister, Megan. She said, "Ella kind of got hurt, do you want to come get her?" I asked her what happened. She said that Ella was sitting on the counter top while TJ was making a sandwich. Megan walked in and when Ella turned around to see her, she lost her balance and fell off the counter and hit her face on the floor. I asked if it was bad and if we needed to take her in to get checked. Megan said, "well, she has a BIG gash on her nose" in the background I could hear TJ say, "It's not that bad! Megan is making it sound REALLY bad!" I asked if I needed to take her to an instacare. Then Donnalee (my mother in-law) got on the phone and said she would just bring Ella over to the house. (Things were kind of crazy at that moment. My mom and dad came over to help me unpack and clean the house, because John worked the graveyard shift and needed to sleep before he went to work again, and both babies had finally fallen asleep) When I saw Ella I felt so bad for her. She said, "mom... my nose hurts! Hold Ella." So I picked her up and studied her face. It looked like she was in a lot of pain, but it didn't look TOO bad. Just for peace of mind I thought we should take her in to make sure she didn't have a concussion or anything. The Dr. said that she didn't have a concussion, but she did have a broken nose, but hopefully it should just heal correctly on it's own. The Dr. also said if it still looks crooked after the swelling has gone down (in about a week) then to take her in and see if she needs surgery (probably not) or to have it broken again and set into place (hopefully not). When we finally got home this was all a surprise to John. Ella immediately wanted to put a band aid on her nose to make it feel better. Ella started to tell John what happened and got all emotional about it and just wanted her daddy to hold her. This is when I took the pictures. She wouldn't let me take the band aid off to show what her nose looked like.