Friday, March 20, 2009

The power of candy

This last week while Ella was playing in her room she managed to lock the door and locked herself in. We tried and tried to get the door unlocked, but we just couldn't get in open. Ella was starting to get desperate and kept saying "Mom/Dad help me!" I had to capture this cute, funny, scary moment. When we couldn't get it open we told her to put her hands on the nob and pull down. This lock is one where you just push the button in, so just a little movement would have opened the door. She tried so hard, but just couldn't get it. At one point she had given up and started playing with her toys instead. Then I had a brilliant idea - CANDY! Ella is definitely my little girl, because she loves candy. I put a piece on the floor and told her to look at it (under the door). She kept saying that she wanted it, but I told her she had to twist the handle in order to get it. Low and behold she opened the door! All it took was a little piece of candy.

I don't know if you can tell what these pictures are but the first one is Ella sitting against the door, totally frustrated by us. The second is Ella looking under the door at us, waiting for help. The last is my favorite! She is standing by the door trying to figure out how to twist this tough handle.

Party Time

Ella's Birthday was a week ago, but here are some of the fun things that we did
Make a wish
Ella received a lot of presents and really liked to rip them open
Princess cake for Princess Ella
I'm 2 mom!
John and I took Ella to Lehi's Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point on her Birthday. It was really nice to have some one on one time with her. We left the babies with Nana Eisenhart. Before this experience Ella didn't know what a dinosaur was - now she thinks they are awesome and even wants to read her dinosaur book every day. She really liked the hands on exhibits. She played in water and played in the sand.
Ella playing at the erosion table
Ella was so excited to have mommy and daddy all to herself!
The scary dinosaurs were trying to get us.
We went bowling at Fat Cat's and had pizza at the Pizza Factory, the Tuesday before her Birthday. Ella absolutely LOVES bowling. She gets so excited when she knocks over pins. Look at her face, you can tell that she had such a great time.

The Birthday Princess

It was so nice to have most of the family there to celebrate Ella's 2nd Birthday.

Ella got lots of nice presents

Nana and Papa Eisenhart - Table and chairs, art easel, plates, cups, bowls and silverware

Grandma and Grandpa Briggs - bag of yummy treats, wallet, and money

Aunt Megan and Uncle Bryce - singing magic unicorn and magic wand

Uncle TJ - homemade bracelet, and money

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jeff, Alyvia, and Ainsley - Ballerina book

Andy - baby doll (for the water)

Corinne - bug puzzle, squeaking puppet bird

Mom and Dad - bat and ball, clothes, Curious George Book and nightgown, Ella book, apron, Tinkerbell wall art, and barbie doll