Friday, April 3, 2009

Choo Choo Soul

Just like any kid, Ella LOVES trains! Ella refers to trains as CHOO CHOO SOUL, for those of you who have seen Choo Choo Soul on Disney Channel you'll know what I'm talking about. She never says "Train!" It's always, "Choo Choo Soul!!!" We live downtown so we see UTA TRAX all of the time. She gets so excited every time she sees the train pass by. John and I thought that we really should take her on a ride. So last week John dropped Ella and I off in the free fare zone (best thing ever!) and we rode trax down to the Gateway Shopping Center where we met back up with John and the twins and went to Gateway Discovery. It was such a fun day! Today we decided to go on another ride, this time we went to the Fashion Place Mall. Ella and I had a great time while we were on the train. Before we got on the train we had quite a few men going gaga over us. It was pretty creepy! There was one guy in particular who was drawn to us. Ella and I were purchasing our tickets and he followed us. I thought that he was going to ask for money, because he was obviously homeless. But to my surprise he just wanted to "talk". He was extremely intoxicated and I thought that I might get drunk just from the alcohol vapors coming off of him. Luckily John saw the guy and drove around the block so he could park right across the street and be within yelling distance (I felt a lot better). I could tell that this guy had a pretty rough life. He kept telling me that I was beautiful and that Ella was beautiful. The he started saying that OUR (referring to myself and him)- that our daughter (talking about Ella) was so beautiful. Poor guy had no idea that I wasn't his wife and Ella wasn't his kid! He kept saying the same things over and over. It felt like it was a lot longer than 10 minutes. Luckily he was taking a train going the opposite direction, so when it arrived he told us goodbye and was saying very loudly "I'm so happy! I'm so happy! Look at how beautiful they are. It doesn't get better than this." Well at least I made him happy, right?

Country girl, city life giveaway

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