Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too Funny!

This past week John bought a baby bungee bouncer. I know my sister had one for her kids when they were little and they LOVED it. So John got it to keep at least one of the twins busy when they get older. Ella being the tiny little thing that she is fit into it perfectly, even at 16 months. One of Ella's favorite things to do is dance. If any of you have seen her dance, you know she has awesome moves like her dad! Well we decided to let her jump and dance in the bouncer. John and I could not stop laughing!!! We watched her do this for about 45 minutes then I said we had better call it quits for the day. In the 1st video she is dancing freestyle, then I got a little too nervous about her possibly hitting her head and John got her bike helmet. I felt better and it's a good thing we put on her helmet, you'll see why.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Duh, I didn't add any pictures of Ella on my last post!!! (Sorry Megan)
Ella at the cabin in June - She is going up the stairs when we told her not to.
This is at Papa Eisenhart's after he scared her on the playset. She is looking at him and her eyes say it all, "Why did you do that?"
Here we are at the Lehi Rodeo Parade waving to the horses and the "princesses" on them.

Update - kindof crazy!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I been having lots of contractions, but they have been 8 minutes apart. I started to get concerned because they were pretty painful. My Dr. was out of town and the on call Dr. said to go to labor and delivery. John was really funny because he didn't seem happy to have to go to labor and delivery when they could just check me in the Dr.'s office. It turns out that my timing isn't very good, because my contractions were actually 6 minutes apart! I am 1+ cm. dilated and 70% effaced. They gave me a shot to slow down the contractions and and IV to make sure I had plenty of fluids. Because the shot worked they gave me a prescription for the same stuff and sent me home. I really think the twins will be here before expected (the week of Aug. 17th).
Pinata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

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Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!


I stole this idea from my friend Heather. I thought it was great! Those who take a peek at my blog, just follow these instructions:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, if you feel so inclined, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I'll be sure to write one about you...!

3. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. And please do this on your page, too, so we can all share in the fun times together. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I love posting video's!

Since I figured out how to post videos - I think it might be my new obsession! Plus then you can all see how crazy my fun little Ella is. She thinks it is so fun to be chased around the house (obviously!). After my back and the babies couldn't take it anymore I had to sit down to rest. She came in and signed more, over and over. We played the chase game for about an hour. Between John and I we were exhausted! I think that means we are getting old.