Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

My friend over at Running Away? I'll help you pack is having a Palmolive giveaway and it made me remember this funny story that happened to us.

Great story for you! My sister was catering my mom's company Christmas party and needed some extra help. Of course I went to help and so did my sweet husband, John. Well John was in charge of dishes while my sister cooked and I served the dinner. When I went into the kitchen I noticed that it was REALLY clean! John had cleaned everything so far and had already started a load of dishes. I was 7 months pregnant and was so excited to sit for about 10 minutes while they ate. All of a sudden I look across the room and I see bubbles EVERYWHERE! My sister, John and I all grab bowls and we are trying to keep the bubbles off the floor. It turns out that sweet John couldn't find dishwasher soap, so he used regular dish soap. I had seen this happen in the movies, but I didn't know that this could really happen. I'm telling you bubble were all over the floor. Just writing this is bringing it all back and I'm laughing so hard(tears and all)! Has this ever happened to you?

And the winner is...

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