Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yes, I did a post!!!!!

I know it has been WAY too long. I don't have any great excuses, except that I am a full time working mother of 4 and I don't know the meaning of "extra time" for blogging. Every time I think about posting pictures and doing something "quick" I just get overwhelmed because I don't know where to start. So here I go...

William is now 7 months old and he is about the cutest thing ever! He is now crawling - and has been army crawling since just before he turned 7 months. He get's around the house so fast! He always wants to be in the action with the other kids. He follows them all around the house. Dean calls him "buddy" all of the time (it's adorable). Ella is a great little helper and makes sure the ground is clean so William doesn't choke on anything. Sometimes I catch Elysee talking to him in the sweetest little voice and she likes to bring him mountains of toys.

Elysee is a fun little angel, but at the same time, she is just TROUBLE. When she doesn't get her way, boy does she have a scream! She is so shy in front of other people, but when she warms up to you her fun little personality comes out. Lately she likes to fill up bags/backpacks/sacks/purses etc. with whatever she can find (toys, food, paper) she carries it all around with her. In the evening when it's time to clean up the house I dread finding one of her bags, because I know it will take a while to put all of that crap away. (it's really funny) Elysee is taking dance with Ella and she loves it. She is always a couple of steps behind and it is so cute. A couple of months ago we were talking to her about dance and we said do you know what day dance is? And out of the blue she said, "Tuesdays". We weren't expecting her to actually know, so it threw uss off a little bit. She might be quiet, but she is observant.

Dean is so mischevious but he is really tender hearted too. He loves to dress himself (and he likes to pick out clothes for Ely). He changes his outfit a few times a day and then asks if he looks cool. He loves to chase the girls around the house and tease them. He loves pirates and has some Pirates of the Carribean crocks (that are too big) but they are his favorite shoes. I think I need to put him in gymnastics because he loves tumbling. He has no fear (scary!). He's always trying to breakdance too. Love it!!!! He is now totally potty trained, so now I only have William in diapers.

Ella is sure a spunky little thing. She turned 4 in March and we had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. She loves to sing and dance. She makes up her own songs all of the time and she can come up with some pretty funny lyrics! She loves to play house and likes to be the boss of everyone. Lately she hasn't been the most honest kid. She will be mean to Dean or Ely and they'll come tell me. Ella will get this look, and say she didn't do anything. The other day I asked her how preschool was, she said, "I didn't go to preschool". And went on eating lunch. I glared at John and said, "I thought you said you took her to preschool today." He started laughing and said, "I did take her to preschool!" So I asked Ella again, "Did you do anything fun at preschool?" She said, "Mom, I told you, I didn't go to preschool today!" She acted irritated that I would even question her again. So then I got after John and said, "hun, why didn't you just tell me she didn't go?" At this point John was chuckling, and he said, "Kelli I am not lying! Ella is! Watch this... Ella, who's birthday was it at preschool today?" She looked at him, rolled her eyes and said, "Garrison, dad!" I wish I could've gotten it all on video, because I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. I couldn't believe what a good liar she was!!!! What in the world?!? Where did that come from? After I asked her why she lied to me, she laughed and said so matter of factly, "mom, I was just being a sneaky fox".