Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A mothers work is never done!

Ella is just too quick for me. I was feeding the twins (so obviously I'm stuck where I'm at, until they're finished). The phone rang and Ella will usually get the phone and hand it to me. This time she was coloring at the kitchen table. It's a tall table, so she couldn't get down very fast. She picked up the phone, pressed the green button and answered it!!! "Hello!" Ella's cute little voice chirps. I can hear a voice on the other end. That means Ella has figured out how to really answer the phone. Luckily it was my Aunt Sheri and she figured I would just call her back.

So Ella got down from the table and handed me the phone. I called my Aunt Sheri back and talked to her for a while (I was still feeding the babies). Then I heard Ella yelling from the bathroom, "mooooooooom, mom, mom, mom, mom, etc." (she has a habit of yelling for me until I go see what she needs) I got off the phone and put the babies down. As I walked down the hall I could smell something refreshing! Sort of like minty bubble gum. I think to myself, "This can not be good, what did she get into this time?" I look in the bathroom and Ella is sitting on the bathroom counter...
She got into the toothpaste!!! A brand new tube of her blue toothpaste! I didn't know if I should get mad at her or just laugh. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "brushin teeth". I said, "why did you put it everywhere?" She said "dunno". I was talking to myself and said, "it's everywhere!" She smiled and proudly told, and showed me where it was, "yes mom! Head, mirror, sink, jammie's, face, toothbrush, and feet!" (She was really proud that she got it on the bottom of her footed pajamas)

Now fast forward to bedtime. Ella found a little travel purse of mine that she wanted to take to bed with her. She wanted it wrapped in a blanket with her so I wrapped them up and laid them in bed. After about an hour I hear, "mom, mooom, moooooooooom, mom, mom." So I go to her bed room. At first I thought that maybe my eyes were being strange. Then I looked closer in the dim light. Was Ella's face glistening? Yes it was! What in the world is in her hair? It's so shiny! She looked like she had suntan oil on. I finally found words and could talk out loud, "Ella, what is in your hair? What's all over your face?" I touch her face and it felt slimy and greasy. My eyes start scanning the bed, I don't see anything. What is this mysterious substance? "Ella, what is all over you?" Then I get an answer! Not the answer I'm looking for. "And my bed mom!" Ella says cheerfully. I touch the side of her crib, the goop is all over her crib too. All of a sudden my eyes spot it! I've found the culprit. It's a tube! What is in that tube you ask? Neosporin. Apparently the little travel purse was NOT empty. Unfortunately I was too tired and too upset to take a picture, but close your eyes and just imagine it.

Valentine's Day

We had a very nice Valentine's Day. John made such a yummy dinner! Steak, lobster, and potatoes. Ella received nice things from Grandma Briggs, Nana Eisenhart, Mom and Aunt Sheri! We hope all of you had a wonderful day full of love.