Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh poo - I mean Pooh!


I can't believe my little sweetheart is 1!!!!  He was so tiny just a year ago.  I love you my sweet little William. 

On William's Birthday he was outside playing on the playground with the kids. I went inside to get the camera and when I came back out William had a mouth full of dirt! When I grabbed his hand to get the dirt out of his hand he did the death grip (if you are a mom you know what I'm talking about). Then I tried to wipe the dirt out of his mouth and he did lock jaw. I know I should have taken a picture at this point, but I was a little freaked out when at that moment I realized he was eating rabbit POO!!!!! Yum what a tasty Birthday treat.

William turned 1 on the 21st and we had his Birthday party last night.  I made a Winnie the Pooh cake for him.  He wasn't excited about it until he was able to really dig in.  It was fun having family over to celebrate William's Birthday.  At his Dr. appointment last week William was in the 10th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight.  He started walking at 11 months and gets going so fast that I think he is almost running.