Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had such an awesome Christmas!!! Even though we don't have a chimney, we had a key to let Santa in. It's a good thing we left that key, because Santa sure did have a lot of presents for us. This year was so much fun, because Ella kind of understood Santa and presents. When she would see Santa there were mixed emotions. In person she was really hesitant, and if I was around, she was scared of Santa. We kept reassuring her that Santa was NICE. So then when she would see pictures of Santa she would get excited and say "Santa, nice".

Here are some pictures from the night before Christmas. When we read the Christmas story from the Bible, Ella got to be Mary (she loved it) and the twins were animals in the stable (reindeer to be exact). They received cute matching monkey Jammie's also.
This is what the kids gifts looked like right after Santa came.
Christmas was so special. Ella was so excited. She opened up all of her presents by herself. It took 2 whole hours. By the end of it, Ella was starting to get tired and grumpy. Dean and Elysee just wanted to sit in their seats and watch. Although they did try to open their own gifts.
Christmas started out with the kids joining us in our bed. Although they didn't really know what was going on, Ella knew it was something to be excited about.
Ella received 3 Barbies, Barbie horse, puzzle, princess; towel, bowl, plate, pillow (that plays music when you plug in your ipod), Elmo live, bike, clothes, PJ's, fairy dress ups, baby legs, shoes/socks, movies, coloring books, crayons, learning cards, toothbrushes, Anne Geddes doll, v-tech digital camera, hat, gloves and some other little toys.
Elysee received some books, clothes, tickle me cookie monster, v-tech alphabet train, baby legs, and LOTS of little toys.
Dean received a tickle me Ernie, books, baby legs, v-tech alphabet train, baseball hat, clothes, a truck, and a few other little toys.
John received some clothes, movies, jacket, hat, book and a garmin 780 navigation system.
I was SO spoiled this year. John always surprises me and this year I was in SHOCK!!! I received some really nice, high end, clothes, toaster, and a nice knife set to add to our others. Just when I thought we were done, John asked Ella if she had gotten her ornament off of the tree. I looked over at the tree and there were gift cards all over the tree. I picked one up and it was to one of my FAVORITE places Gygi Culinary Solutions. I opened it up and it was for $100! Then I opened up the next one $100, and the next one $100. There was a total of $1,000 to Gygi's!!!! I was so excited I didn't even know what to say. Thanks you John for making this Christmas so awesome!
We wanted a cute Christmas picture of just the kids and Ella was doing so good until all of a sudden the train behind her, the one going around the tree, derailed. Ella though that she had done it and it scared her to death. She "threw" the babies off of her and took off. It scared me to death, because Ely and Dean flew to the ground. After we made sure they were ok, we just laughed and laughed and wished we had gotten it on video. It literally happened just seconds after this picture was taken. I had to share that with everyone, because you can just picture it in your head.
Christmas night we went to my parents home in Heber and had so much fun. Ella got a baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa and the babies received a ton of little baby toys. Ella also got to play with her cousins (which is something she loves to do). My parents always have a fun game that we play to receive extra gifts. John had a great strategy and we ended up with the most gifts! Go John! We also received a card saying that my parents are going to pay for us to go to a luau while we are in Hawaii (in January).
My sister Erika also made the most adorable skirts for all of the girls (nieces). Erika is amazing! These skirts are just so cute, here they are!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4 months old!

I can't believe how the time has flown with Dean and Elysee. They are already four months old (three days ago)! They are getting so big.

Dean is now 12 lbs. 2 oz and 24 inches long. Dean started rolling from back to front very early (at one month old). Now he will roll over as soon as you lay him down. He can also roll from front to back. He has great hand/eye coordination - will grab things, and reach for things. Dean loves his mommy and smiles when ever he sees her. Dean likes to be held and gets pretty upset if you put him down. He has a huge smile that lights up the entire room. He giggles and coo's. Dean likes to look at himself in the mirror. He thinks his hands taste yummy, but doesn't like Binky's. If he sees you walk into a room he follows you with his eyes and smiles once you make eye contact.
Elysee is now 12 lbs. 3 oz. and 23.5 inches long. Elysee rolls from back to front. She has very strong legs and is always wanting to stand and jump (little dancer!). She loves the bouncer and has fallen asleep a couple of times in it. She is content just playing by herself, she is very good natured. She has great hand/eye coordination and will grasp things that she wants to play with. She talks A LOT and will try to mimic you! She likes to watch other people. Elysee has beautiful eyes that are captivating. She likes to eat her hands, but won't take a Binky. Elysee has a funny little smirk and a cute little giggle. She likes to sit (and can sit by herself for a couple of seconds).
Ella is now 21 months old! She is a little jabber box. Any time that I am on the phone, she will go get another phone and talk to the person who called. Sometimes I have to get the phone away from her, because I can't hear the other person at all. She is very social and loves to play with other kids. When we were at the store last week she walked up to a little girl her same age and gave her a big hug! She said her first sentence 3 weeks ago, "Dad, I need help!" She has started to tell us when she needs to go potty. She know some of her colors (blue, pink, purple, and red). She is a very bright little girl. She loves books. Dancing is her favorite thing to do. She also really likes to sing. Her latest discovery is dress ups. She loves to wear her princess dress and hat. She plays pretend all of the time with her stuffed animals and dolls. I am starting to see how much she copies John and I. (I really need to be careful about what I say and do) Every single day she has something new and funny that she says.
I feel so blessed to have such a fun little family, and an amazing husband.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buddies and So Sleepy

I love to watch the kids interact with each other. Elysee and Dean both love to watch Ella. Any time she comes around they just grin at her. If they are crying, Ella gives them hugs and kisses and says in a very high pitched mommy voice, "Es OK" (It's OK). She is such a good big sister. I don't know what it is, but Dean and Ella have a special little bond. You can tell how much they love each other just by these couple of pictures.
Elysee LOVES to stand up. She is as happy as can be if she is in the bouncer. The other day I was putting on my makeup (maybe gone for 10 minutes) and when I came back into the room where Elysee was, she had fallen asleep in the bouncer!!! Usually she is standing up so tall, so when she had her head against the side with her eyes closed, I couldn't stop laughing. It was the cutest thing!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

pictures, pictures and more pictures

Nana and Papa Eisenhart couldn't resist giving Ella her Christmas present early. She already LOVES her new bike!

If I'm the mama cow, then these are my little calves.

Yummy thanksgiving dinner at mom and dad Briggs'
Yea, for Thanksgiving kids table! Ella adores her cousins, especially Annabelle.
Don't you just love Ella's mischievous smile?
Chillin' in Dean's bed
Ella is talking to "Jack" the troll. But she can't figure out why Grandpa Briggs' lips are moving and Jack's lips aren't.
John is the best dad! The kids sure do love him.
Ella just playing in the leaves at Wheeler farm.
Poor Dean, we needed something warm and all we had was a pink outfit from when Ella was little. It takes a real man to wear pink, right?
Doesn't Elysee just look like a little snow angel?
We went to Wheeler farm to see TJ cycle-cross race (he's awesome). It was freezing, but fun!
Ella wanted me to hold her the whole time. She is definitely a mommy's girl.
"I am the law!" Ha ha, doesn't he look tough?!? Dean is the youngest mob boss.
Dean and Elysee had so much fun on Thanksgiving just looking at the fan at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Place an order

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Did I mention I gift wrap for FREE?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Funny little Ella

I just had to do this post, because lately Ella has been doing the funniest things. I thought that I had better write this all down so I don't forget it (because this really is my journal). Underneath each picture I will do a little description. The first 4 pictures all happened in the same day! It was really quiet in the backroom, John thought Ella was in the kitchen with me, and I thought she was watching TV with John. Nope! She decided to take all of her diapers out of their storage spot and "refill" her drawer. There were about 35 diapers in the drawer. She wasn't in the room though, but we heard her in our bathroom... This is what we found! Ella emptied an entire (brand new) roll of toilet paper. When we asked her what she was doing, she put her head down and pretended to clean the floor with the toilet paper.

Later that day Ella was in her room playing, when I went to check on her I found her covered in baby powder. She had gotten into a drawer and figured out how to open the container. She dumped it all over the floor, then proceeded to put it all over her face like make-up.
We bought a cute little Disney Princess cot for Ella to use when she has sleepovers at grandma's house (and for Hawaii in January). When we opened it up Ella refused to get off of it. She just wants to lay in it all day. She even wants to eat in it!

Many of you know that Ella absolutely LOVES Halloween - "Ween" as she calls it. She always wants to wear her Halloween costume (as you will see in the next few pictures).
Ella wanted to "sleep" with the babies. Dean and Elysee were both crying, needless to say Ella only wanted to be with them for about 1 minute.
Ella loves anything to do with water. She loves swimming, bath time, washing her hands... She has figured out how to climb up on the toilet, then proceed to the counter. This time we found her IN the sink with the water on. The bathroom door in now kept closed!
Along with Ella's Halloween obsession she is in love with a creepy Halloween decoration which she has named "Guy". Now that Halloween is over we don't know what to do with him. Ella would have a melt down if he was packed away until next year. So we did what any desperate parent would do... she has creepy "Guy" in her room. We have decided to dress him up for the different seasons/holidays. Ella squealed with delight when we put her Halloween costume on him. He will be sporting a Santa hat pretty soon. She is also obsessed with this cartoon Halloween movie. There is a witch in it that looks kind of like Guy and that is why she loves the movie. You'll also notice the toothbrush. She loves to brush her teeth and spit in the sink.
I know Ella looks funny in this, but she is showing you what another creepy Halloween guy at Nana and Papa's house can do. He can blink his eyes, dance, and move his mouth. Ella will mimic all of these, but our favorite is when she blinks. For some reason when she blinks fast, she gets an Elvis lip. It makes us laugh every time.
Ella is pretending to be asleep. She does this quite often, then just giggles with her eyes closed.
She is trying to fit into our nice comfy camera case. When she realized that we caught her, she started laughing.
Ella has become a little diva lately. When she has her mind set on something that she wants to wear she will let you know. The last couple of times that we have gone out she insists on wearing her witch hat. This picture was taken when Ella and I were going to the grocery store. There were a few older women who told Ella they liked her hat. When we were in line she took the hat off and waved it around and said in a very loud voice "HAT". We had a few strange looks, probably because Halloween was a week ago.
Ella is doing her kissy/funny face.
I just had to post this! I took this picture about 2 seconds ago. John is getting ready for work and walked out of the bedroom with a sucker stuck to his shirt! He pretended he didn't know that it was on there. I couldn't stop laughing, I had tears in my eyes. She put it in with his clean clothes. I didn't give her the sucker and neither did John, so she had to have gotten into the cupboard and tried to hide the evidence.