Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Car Accident

Yesterday on my way home from work I was in a car accident! I was stopped, with my blinker on, in front of my house making a left-hand turn to go into my driveway. There was a car coming in the opposite direction, so obviously I was waiting for them to pass, when out of nowhere I get this sharp pain in my back and I can't figure out what is going on. A woman who wasn't paying attention rear-ended me at about 25-30 mph (we think). My lower back was immediately in a lot of pain, then it hit me... my babies!!!! Were they ok? I needed to get checked to make sure the twins were both ok. Luckily Ella was home with John, and she was asleep in the house. John was outside doing some yard work so he saw what happened and came running over and called 911. I didn't want to be transported by ambulance because it costs so much. So my wonderful mom came over and watched Ella while John and I went to the emergency room. Both of the babies heartbeats were strong and they didn't do x-rays on my back. My back feels a lot better today, but my neck is killing me and I have a constant headache!!! It hurts to move my neck at all. I haven't felt the babies moving very much today so I might go to the Dr.'s tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok. Our car was damaged but we didn't have to have it towed. The other people had to have their car towed and they were mad about that. We are waiting to hear from their insurance. I finally got impatient and called their insurance company and it turns out they didn't mention us at all in their claim!!! John heard them telling the police that it was my fault! I have no idea how that could even be somewhat blamed on me! Needless to say the police didn't even ask me because obviously I didn't do anything wrong. It makes me mad to think that these people think they shouldn't have to tell their insurance, because they didn't think they were in the wrong. Oh well, what can you do?


Jadi said...

What a scary thing to have happen. I hope your back heals quickly and everything will be OK with you and your twins.
I also haven't told you CONGRATULATIONS yet!!! Twins will be so much fun!

The Eskelson's said...

Oh my gosh! I hope everything is okay!! That's scary! What boogers to not tell their insurance company! It's amazing what people try to get away with, huh! Call me, we need to chat! You look adorable by the way! You're barely showing!