Friday, March 28, 2008


Ella and I sure do love a good treat once in a while. Don't you find it amazing how much you will spend if you are craving something? Well lately all that I (ok - the twins) have wanted is a tasty Jamba Juice. Strawberries Wild is my favorite (this week). Ella has decided that she has to have her own if mom and dad get one. The people at Jamba will put a portion of your drink into a kiddie cup - BEST THING EVER! Great now I am craving another one!


Erika G. said...

Yea Kelli! I have long a waited for the time that you would update your blog! Geez, it's not like you are busy or anything (he he, it's a joke!) I am so excited to see and compare pictures of Ella & Briggs!
Love ya!
ps Do you still want me to reconstruct you a blog layout? I will if you would like me to..let me know!