Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boooo to my computer!

I just want to say BOOOOO to my computer! I would really like to do a post of Disneyland with lots of cute pictures, but my pictures are all on my laptop (which is broken). As soon as it is fixed expect lots of cute pictures!

Only two more weeks until summer! I think I am more excited than my students. We have a lot of fun things that we are going to do this summer. Right now we are in the process of making our backyard a "kid paradise". Who am I kidding it is going to be a family paradise. We are having a fence put in this week, which will make me and the kids so happy. I can send them out to play without having to worry that they will wander into the street. We are tripling the size of our garden. Wahoo! A big playground and trampoline are coming soon. And in September we are getting a 2 story playhouse. I am just giddy about it!!!!

Both of my sisters and their kids that live in Alaska are coming to visit this summer. I can't wait to spend some good quality time with them. We have a lot of fun activities planned with the Briggs side of the family.

Ella is going to be taking swimming lessons, itty-bitty soccer, and start pre-school this summer. She is so excited for "big girl school". She keeps on saying I get to go to school, like mommy's school.

Dean and Elysee are just going to explore this summer. They are starting to talk more and more. It's really interesting if Dean is alone with me he talks quite a bit, but when the girls are around he lets them do the talking. He's learning young how to be a boy! Haha.


Jordan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Heather said...

Make sure you schedule me in to your busy schedule! I want to come see you! Also, Kent Sun and Matt (Mrs. Eisenhawt) came to visit me today. Matt asked about you!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

No way!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome you got to go to Disneyland with the kids! I can't wait to see the pics!!!

Heather said...

so so cute - can't wait to hang out in your back yard and get some space breaks from provo land!!!

be in touch soon!

Amy said...

I am excited just hearing about your backyard, you deserve it.

cricut feeling groovy said...

Am off to Disneyland with the kids. Did you ever manage to fix your laptop and retrieve your pics? If so, will you be uploading some of them?