Saturday, August 29, 2009

My babies are 1 !!!

We have had such an amazing past year with Dean and Elysee. I can't believe that my little sweeties are already a year old (August 21). They are almost walking. Ely will take a few steps then sit down. Dean knows he can get somewhere faster if he crawls. Dean has really become quite the dare-devil. He is climbing on EVERYTHING. Ely is a mama's girl and always wants to be held. Dean has his 2 bottom teeth and Ely got her 1st tooth on the bottom - on her birthday! Elysee is in the 10th%tile and Dean is finally on the chart in the 2nd%tile for weight. They are both average in height. They are definitely two separate kids. They really aren't alike in many ways. One of my favorite things that they do is give each other kisses!!! They both love their big sister Ella. They follow her around and try to do what ever she does. We had a fun little Birthday party with our families. My friend Cherise made some amazing Birthday cakes and the twins received some very nice presents. Happy Birthday my sweethearts!!!!!