Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Officially Potty Trained!

Yes, it's true. Ella just turned 2 just 2 weeks ago and she is officially potty trained!!! On Monday, March 23rd we let her wear big girl under ware. She wet her pants about 50 % of the time. Then Tuesday she wet her pants about 20% of the time. On Wednesday she didn't wet her pants AT ALL!!! It has been 1 week and she has not wet her pants once. She stays dry during nap time and she even stays dry at night!!! We've tried to get her to go poop in her potty, but she would still run and hide to go. We bought some Barbie dolls to try and give her a little bribe, oh, I mean incentive. Today she went poop in the potty and we had a celebration! I'm so proud of her and had to say my little 2 year old seems so big.