Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disney Princesses On Ice

Nana Eisenhart asked if I was taking Ella to the Disney Princesses on Ice. I told her I wasn't planning on it. She said if we wanted to go, she would watch Dean and Ely and pay for Ella and I to go. We had such a fun time! Thanks Donnalee!!!

Halloween 2009 and swine flu

We told Ella to draw a face on this pumpkin and she did this all by herself!I'm still trying to play catch up with my posts. Here are a few pictures of Halloween. Ella was a princess, Dean was Winnie the Pooh and Elysee was Piglet. Ella came to school with me Friday morning and watched the Halloween parade (she loved it!). Then on Halloween (Saturday) we went to McDonald's for breakfast with Nana and TJ.

Later that day my parent's came over and brought dinner, a yummy pizza in the shape of a pumpkin. Then we went to John's parents, where the kids got awesome prizes. Then we came home and went trick-or-treating around our block. We were gone for less than an hour and got a TON of candy! We got the kids to bed at a decent time, then John went to work.

That night I wasn't feeling very good. My whole body was really achy, but I thought it was my arthritis acting up and maybe the weather was changing. When I watched the news and the weather wasn't changing I knew I was getting sick. The entire next day John felt the same way and we were both wearing surgical masks so the kids wouldn't get sick. We suspected H1N1 and we were able to get into the Dr.'s on Monday. The did a test and confirmed that it was the dreaded swine flu! We got on Tamiflu and John immediately started feeling better, but I was getting worse. By Monday night I couldn't even function! I laid in bed with a fever of 103. I called my classroom aid, Cherise, to tell her that I wouldn't be in for a few days and tried to give her lesson plans, but honestly I was delirious and wasn't making sense. Luckily she was awesome and figured it out! By Thursday John and I were back to work, but the kids seemed like they were getting sick. We took them to insta care and yes they all had swine flu! Luckily I was able to take Friday off and then we had the weekend to re coupe. Now hopefully we won't have to worry about swine flu any more. Although it has been a month and Ella still has a cough from it! Who knows what that's about?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lehi Mascot Bowl

At the end of September we went to the mascot bowl. Mascots from all over the nation show up to this. There are mascots from the NFL, NBA, Pro Baseball and local Universities. Our family is very lucky because we have a little "in" with Jazz Bear. Papa Eisenhart is friends with Jazz Bear, so Jazz Bear loves our kids. -Jazz Bear even came to our house and turned the sirens on in his car and brought little basketballs to our kids and game some to our neighbors who came out to see what was going on.- All of the kids were really excited to see all of the mascots. Dean's face is priceless when he see's a mascot for the first time. Elysee was also having a great time. Thurl Bailey kept hanging out with our kids and "Big T" stood right over Ely (from super tiny to super tall)

September 2009

I know it's been a REALLY long time since I have done an update. Since I went back to teaching in August it's been really hectic and I haven't had much time to blog. Here is an update up what's been going on...
This was at Timpanogos High School (where my mother in law teaches). There was a fun fair that we were all able to go to. Ella wanted her hair to be sprayed different colors, so she used some of her tickets to make her hair blue, green, and super sparkly. Ella bought 3 goldfish with some of her other tickets. The next 3 day were rough because each day 1 goldfish died! We had to have a little discussion of what happens when something dies. The first day she was really sad, but the next day (when the 2nd one died) she was ok and said the fish was swimming with Jesus! By the death of the 3rd she didn't think much of it. (We aren't getting any pets anytime soon!)
We went to the Utah State Fair on a perfect day. It was overcast and looked like it was going to rain, but it didn't. It wasn't crowed at all and the temperature was just right! They have a cute area that is completely hands on for kids. They get to see what it would be like to be a farmer, from planting seeds to driving a tractor. At the end we let Ella choose 1 toy. She chose a little umbrella. She loved it so much and kept posing for the camera!
We also love playing at the park! We have a fun bouncer that we take to the park and hook it up to a mini zip line thing. The kids LOVE it. They get laughing so hard every time they get a ride. There are a lot of times that John will take the kids to McDonalds for breakfast then to the park while I'm at work. This was one of the times I was lucky enough to join them.