Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time for cooking lessons

A couple of days ago John started talking about pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are his absolute favorite treat. If you know John, he is not a big sweets guy. It seems like when ever I make cookies, brownies, etc. we never end up eating them. So when John asked if I would make cookies, it was a big deal. I decided to have a little cooking lesson with Ella. I remembered that I had purchased matching mom/daughter aprons when Ella was like a month old. We found the aprons and put them on. I sat Ella on the counter and she helped with EVERYTHING! She even cracked an egg all by herself (of course I had to fish out some shells). She was so excited to help. She was grinning the entire time. It was so nice to spend some one on one time with Ella. I don't know the last time I felt that happy. We brought some cookies to our neighbors and they said, "how did you have time for this?" I said, "I don't know, we made time." I was so happy that I didn't let this opportunity pass me by. Yes I could have finished the cookies much quicker without the help of little hands, but I would have missed out on; flour in her hair, egg shells in the batter, chocolate on her face, a big mess in the kitchen and the biggest smile on the sweetest little face. I realize that I need to take the opportunity to just have fun with my kids. So what if the house is messy and I haven't gotten dressed, I had fun with my kids!!!


Traci & Skylar said...

such a sweet story kel! It's so true! Don't let those moments pass you by. You are such a great mom and a great role model for me!

Rhett & Janice Beecher said...

Pumpkin cookies sound good. Is your husband from Lehi? It seems like I saw an announcement for your wedding in the local paper at my inlaws house. My husband Rhett Beecher grew up in lehi and graduated in 1996 maybe he knows him.

Allison said...

How are you! I found your blog through Taleesha's. I can't believe you had twins. That is awesome. So cute. I bet you never stop. You can check out my blog. rockonwiththewildones.blogspot.com. (It is also on Taleesha's blog.) I was excited to how you are doing. I have been horrible about keeping in contact with people from high school. Now many I can be better. You look great and your family is adorable.

Allison (Barnett) Ashby

Amy-Rain said...

Good for you!! Its the little things that make life big that's for sure. you look gorgeous lady, I can't believe how long your hair has gotten.