Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No need for words

There really isn't a need for words.Ella is just too funny!


We had a great Easter this year (in fact we had 3 Easters!) On Easter Sunday we went to my parents house in Heber and had a really fun Easter Egg Hunt. Every year my parents hide 3 special eggs for the "grown ups". This year there were 2 golden eggs one had $100 in it and the other had $50, and there is a silver egg with $20. Traci and Skylar got the $100, Ryan and Marci got $50, and John and I got $20. John will still argue that it wasn't fair, but I say "Hey, that's $20 we didn't have before!" The kids all got fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Sheri and Tom also gave all of the kids nice little Easter gifts (she is always so thoughtful!). Then we did Easter baskets at home on Tuesday (the kids are still little so they don't know when Easter really is). The Easter bunny spoiled the kids! I think we just might be the only family out there that LOVES Peeps! Ella already loves them as well! Then the next Sunday we went to Nana and Papa's in Lehi. Ella had her very own Easter egg hunt! John and TJ battled it out (like they always do!) and both ended up with over $100 and coupons to redeem, such as; breakfast at Jim's, no work for a week (I'd like to see John try to redeem that at work-lol), movie on mom and dad, do something nice for mom, and other good stuff. Here are some of the pictures.